CacheManager for EPiServer CMS 7 Now Live!

Geta has just released an updated version of CacheManager for EPiServer CMS 7. It has been rebuilt from scratch to take advantage of ASP.NET MVC, now fully supported by EPiServer CMS.


  • One-click cache clear - Clear EPiServer site cache with just one click.
  • Selective cache entry deletion – Select and delete individual cache entries.
  • Cache entry value display – View a string representation of cache entries.

Adding Or Preserving Hash Values When Using Response.Redirect() For IE

I recently ran into a small problem in one of my projects. I have some code that would open up the user login UI when the URL contains a few specific parameters, which are defined as hash parameters.

One of the tasks assigned to me needed me to redirect the user to the same page, but with the login UI activated, when they want to do something that required them to be authenticated. Naturally, I went ahead and used the Response.Redirect() method and appended the hash parameters to the end of the current URL. Then I ran my usual tests.

jQuery Cascading Dropdown Plugin Hits Version 1.2.0

Just a quick heads up, my jQuery Cascading Dropdown plugin is now updated!

Here’s a list of changes.

  • Added onReady event that gets triggered when all dropdowns are fully initialised, including dynamically loaded dropdowns.
  • Added onChange event that gets triggered whenever a dropdown value changes.
  • Added source option property for defining dropdown data source. This can be an array, an array of objects, or a function.
  • Added setSelected method to set the selected dropdown item from code.
  • onChange event for a single dropdown now passes in the event object and the current values of required dropdowns.
  • Removed textKey and valueKey. Use the source option to handle Ajax data.
  • Methods can now be called using the plugin and passing in the method as string, along with additional parameters.

Check it out on the project Github page.

Saving/loading EPiServer plugin configuration settings using DDS

I’m currently working on a small EPiServer plugin that requires the site admin to be able to save/load configuration settings from the Admin page.

Fortunately, you can easily do this using EPiServer’s Dynamic Data Store (DDS), and it beats having to implement PlugInSettings that uses DataSets, which is just awfully painful to work with.


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